The game’s cast of characters.

“Kurayami” (In Darkness) features a total of 3 female characters. Which girl will appear in each Scenario depends on your actions. Even if it’s the same girl, please remember within the context of the story, her role as well as personality will have subtle differences.

University student, Mari Watanabe

Mari Watanabe

A university student with her long hair styled in a way that looks great on her. She seems to be the most mature of the three.

Bust: 90 cm; Waist: 56 cm; Hips: 83 cm

Character designer: Serika Himuro

The CD version pamphlet about the cast of characters.
Glasses girl, Mari Andou

Mari Andou

A slightly quiet girl with black rimmed glasses and her hair in braids. She might be somewhat uncomfortable around the opposite sex?

B: 84; W: 61; H: 80

Character designer: Ken Ryuusei

Mari Mizuno

High school student, Mari Mizuno

A lively and cheerful schoolgirl. Of the 3 in this story, she’s the youngest. She’s a bit of a crybaby?

B: 81; W: 59; H: 80

Character designer: Kochi Munakata