Let’s listen: Kurayami’s PC-98 soundtrack

The PC-98 version Menu.

The full PC-98 version of the Kurayami (In Darkness) soundtrack is now on YouTube! Downloads for both the PC-98 and Windows 95 soundtracks will be available soon.

The Windows 95 version has beautiful full soundtrack arrangements, but the PC-98 version is no slouch in covering the VN’s emotional range. There’s moments of unsettling tension (“Anxiety”), considering those rumors about the haunted elevator you and the heroine, Mari, are trapped in. You can’t hep but feel something eerie is lurking in the darkness.

Now you can listen on the go!

Will you be rescued during this unusual Christmas Eve, or maybe find a way to escape on your own? Or, will everything spiral horribly out of control (“Unexpected End”) due to lack of preparedness and tempers flaring?

The Windows 95 version Menu.

If instead, you take a breather from investigating, you can chat to pass the time (“Relief”). And if you act kind during this quiet moment? You might even learn about each other’s pasts (“Her Truth”).

The PC-98 track list, mentioned in the video’s description, is as follows:

  • In Darkness
  • Bustling Street
  • Crossed Paths
  • Anxiety
  • Dark Lust
  • Memories
  • Reuniting with the Past
  • 17 Year Old Farewell
  • 17 Year Old Farewell ~ Ballad
  • Urge to kill In Darkness
  • White Christmas
  • Sorrowful Conclusion
  • Her Truth
  • Relief
  • Idol
  • Courage
  • Investigation
  • Blessing
  • Twilight
  • Ominous
  • Unexpected End
  • Death’s Footsteps
  • Searching In Darkness (DEAD END)
  • Premonition
  • Risky Escape
  • Wonder…and then

Although it’s not the focus of this post, Kurayami’s Windows 95 version soundtrack was YouTube uploaded in two parts. (Track listings are again mentioned in the descriptions.)

13 Tracks….on the 13th floor elevator.
Tracks 14 through 27 are here.

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  1. JW says:

    Really neat soundtrack! Any download options for the OG Files?


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