Small Update

Just a small update for today. In our Downloads section, you can now download both the PC-98 and Win-95 music releases for personal enjoyment. Translation is continuing to go smoothly, and we’ll be sure to update you as we’re closer to our release date. Thank you for your support so far!

17 Year Old Farewell
The song “17 Year Old Farewell” being performed.

4 thoughts on “Small Update

  1. Michał says:

    Is this translation project still going? I am interested in playing this game without using multiple text hookers.

  2. Dessxericas says:

    Really excited to play this game, thank you so much for your hard work translating it!!

    1. Mari Watanabe says:

      Thank you for your kind words❤️It keeps me motivated with such a long project (which will be worth it once it’s out).


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