For a full game walkthrough, please refer to the (Japanese) walkthrough here (🔞 images warning). Our guide only covers the Happy Ends. The alternate ends (neutral or bad) sometimes change character or plot motivations, so they’re interesting for at least one playthrough.

If you’d like each Happy End scenario unlocked, just scroll below! Please note, the Scenario titles and branch descriptions can be spoiler-y.

A very different Kurayami! (One of the Windows 95 bonus images)

Please credit this guide by linking back if you share it (for other language translations, describing a particular route, etc). It took tons of Bad Ends trial and error to map everything out. If you’re writing an “all routes” guide on GameFAQs (or whatever else), feel free to share it so we can link back!

Mari Watanabe 01: Mario

{The sky was full of stars} →
{Head for the elevator anyway} →
Try talking to her →
Maybe an accident happened? →
{Whichever (besides “scary rumor”) } →
{Whichever} →
I shook off my weird feelings →
Speaking of, what’s the reason you’re here… →
Right, there’s people worried about us! →
I’m curious what kind of guy he is →
Take the rope →
It’s all in your head! →
Yeah… →
I silently hugged her shoulders

Mari Watanabe 02: Big sister Mari

There was a huge full moon →
Umm…are you alright? →
{Whichever} →
{Whichever} → 
I’d rather it be you →
I thought about it for a moment →
Quietly look at Mari →
I hated myself →
Embrace Mari →
I don’t want to destroy our memories any further

Mari Watanabe 03: I hate you!

A shooting star fell →
Is it a shootout? →
I searched for a light →
Please quit speaking rudely →
I had no choice but to lend a hand→
It’s the rescue team making noise →
I laughed and said, “your hips mean an easy childbirth.”→
You kidding? →
It’s fine, don’t force yourself →
Push Mari off →
No, I’ll pass

Mari Mizuno 01: 17 year old Farewell

My stomach growled →
I’m here since somebody asked for me →
I feel like she’s drawing me in →
It’s all in your head →
You’re like a little sister →
I silently looked away →
I silently helped her dress →
That’s dangerous

Mari Mizuno 02: Christmas Eve gift

Snow was falling →
Think calmly again →
Did my daughter really die? →
End the physical →
You’ll be fine, you overate something cold →
Climb up (Timed option)

Mari Mizuno 03: Mysterious boy

My stomach growled →
I’m here for a doctor’s appointment →
Yeah, alright →
What’s wrong? →
Ask Mari why

Mari Andou 01: Ghost of Christmas Eve

The sky was full of stars →
Something suddenly caught my eye, and I stopped →
I approached the direction of the voice →
I have no idea →
{Whichever} →
Be quiet for awhile →
{Whichever} →
Listen to her worries →
Aah, seriously? What am I thinking about, in this situation? →
Check the floor →
I blushed →
Maybe something related to her sweetheart? →
Got it! Let’s get out of here!

Mari Andou 02: Childhood friend

A shooting star fell →
Is it construction work? →
Shout for help →
{Whichever} →
I’ll check the floor →
Is it because she’s going? →
I’ll look away, so… →
Say that I bought it →
*Sigh*  I wish I were a doctor →
Idiot! You’re swept up by momentary emotions! →
I didn’t let go  (Click three times to register the option)

Mari Andou 03: First girlfriend

There was a huge full moon →
…Hey, are you alright? →
Huh, that’s unexpected →
Tell her, that’s not it →
I, I…like you →
There’s nowhere to hide