One of the Bad Ends….

The PC-98 Japanese version of Kurayami is available here (🔞 screenshots). We advise you download the recommended troubleshooting files to ensure the game runs smoothly with your emulator of choice. Anex86 runs well on slow computers, while Neko Project II allows you to optionally play the MIDI Sound Source after configuring.

On Windows, under Properties, make sure your emulator’s Compatibility tab is set to “Windows XP (Service Pack 3)” and “Reduced Color mode 8-bit (256 color)” to prevent the game from hanging at random points. Please follow these links if you’d prefer watching a Scenario 1 playthrough (in Japanese) (NicoNico) or our English subbed Scenario 1 playthrough (YouTube).

If you’d like to add the soundtrack to your personal collection rather than listening on our YouTube page, we’ve got you covered! Download the PC-98 In Darkness Soundtrack (1996) here! The musically updated Windows 95 version (1997 release) is here. Please use something like 7-Zip to extract the files.

“Taking the elevator in a certain building is you, the protagonist, and a woman. However, an accident brings the elevator to a sudden halt. Soon, you’re both enveloped in darkness.

You can calmly think about how to escape. You can quietly wait to be rescued. You can protect “her”, who’s frightened of the darkness, or freely act accordingly to your desires.  However, please remember this. Acting on your desires will result in paying a painful price. The payoff won’t be what you expected.

But it’s also true that being too honest will result in you missing out. It’s only a game after all, so don’t be afraid to select different options. After playing through several times, you’re bound to have a favorite episode.” 

– Sales Description