The Many Pieces to the Kurayami Pie

Kurayami is made up of a number of different files, each of which needs to be handled in its own, unique way in order to create a full-featured translations. Today we’re going to talk about the files that make up Kurayami and what they do. As the YouTubers would say, be sure to smash that like button, ring the bell, and read on! … Continue reading…The Many Pieces to the Kurayami Pie

The Challenges with Translating Kurayami

I figured this would be a good time to write a brief primer on the challenges faced in translating Kurayami — or at least those that we’re aware of right now! — in order to give a better sense of the scope of this project and maybe help out some others about to embark on a large-scale translation project of their own! … Continue reading…The Challenges with Translating Kurayami