Kurayami: its music, and more challenges faced.

Hello all, Admin Mari here.

When this project first shakily lifted off the ground, I thought it’d be beneficial to upload more of Kurayami’s wonderful BGM, composed by PANDA aka Yuki Nakayama, onto YouTube. The PC-98 scene might be a niche hobby, but we’re a small yet dedicated group of fans nevertheless. … Continue reading…Kurayami: its music, and more challenges faced.

The Challenges with Translating Kurayami

I figured this would be a good time to write a brief primer on the challenges faced in translating Kurayami — or at least those that we’re aware of right now! — in order to give a better sense of the scope of this project and maybe help out some others about to embark on a large-scale translation project of their own! … Continue reading…The Challenges with Translating Kurayami